Honda Goldwing 2019

Zazou moto accompanies you in all your private, professional or tourist trips in Paris and all over Ile de France in the latest generation Honda Goldwding motorcycle for comfortable and safe rides




Protection & Safety

Equipment of the bike

  • The engine : 6 cylinder flat engine of 1832 flexible and powerful.
  • For your comfort :a wide and heated seat awaits you, as well as a wrap around backrest equipped with electronically adjustable armrests and rear suspension.
  • Braking : ABS with DUAL-CBS handest combined with a diving fork (it allows the stability of the bike in all situations).
  • Luggage :the bike has a luggage carrier and side luggage cases. You can take with you a suitcase of less than 25kilos, a laptop and a handbag.

Passenger equipment

  • The headest : we will give you a modular headest with an intercom link that will allow you to listen to the radio, select music or talk with your driver.
  • Hygiene : we will provide you with a single-use removable protection attached to the inside of the helmet for perfect hygiene. You can also opt for hydro alcoholic gel before putting on the gloves.
  • Safety : airbag vest and winter/summer protective apron.
  • Protection : we offer gloves, a jacket and a trousers suitable for each of our seasons.